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Yingxuan heavy industry - the "trendsetter" of the construction machinery exhibition

yingxuan heavy industry - the "trendsetter" of the construction machinery exhibition

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Guide: on November 27, 2012, a bright yingxuan orange poured down from the hall of the Bauma exhibition in Shanghai, instantly becoming the focus of the exhibitors. Yingxuan heavy industry was born in an exclamation. On June 4, 2013, Russia CTT construction machinery exhibition was packed with people, Yingxuan loader is superior to others

on November 27, 2012, a bright yingxuan orange poured down from the hall of Bauma exhibition in Shanghai, and instantly became the focus of the exhibitors. Yingxuan heavy industry was born in a sea of exclamation...

on June 4, 2013, the Russian CTT construction machinery exhibition was packed with people, and yingxuan's loading machine was arrogant and domineering...

the upcoming Beijing BICES international construction machinery exhibition, yingxuan heavy industry is in full swing, Ready to go...

like a sleeping and waking dragon, yingxuan heavy industry soared up in the field of construction machinery and became a new favorite of people at the exhibition. With a strong presence in the field of construction machinery manufacturing and a rapid rise in a short time, yingxuan heavy industry is based on a high starting point and gives priority to loader products to knock on the market door, realizing the successful transformation since the transformation and development

pursue excellence from a high starting point

"yingxuan heavy industry is a new industrial growth point cultivated by yingxuan group on the basis of the expansion of the original industry. At the beginning of the project construction, we adhered to the" three synchronizations ", namely, synchronous production and construction, synchronous technology research and development, and synchronous brand expansion. At present, the first phase of infrastructure construction has been completed, In April, the batch production of adjustable report situation production of loaders has been realized. " Said Mr. lishiyong, chairman of yingxuan group

yingxuan heavy industry benefits from the strong strength of the group and is determined to forge ahead. At the beginning of its development, it paid close attention to product quality and production construction. It successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and obtained the quality license of export products and the qualification certificate of import and export enterprises. The company worked together to actively learn from the successful R & D and operation mode of the construction machinery industry, and established a stable technological innovation system

strict quality and lean must adhere to strategy driven refinement

product quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise. The quality of products directly determines the sales performance and living conditions of enterprises. As we all know, in the domestic loader market at present, the four leading enterprises have a market share of 6 and play an indispensable role in production and life of more than 0%. As an emerging enterprise, it is bound to redouble its efforts to break the original market pattern. There is no doubt that the source of this power is product quality

yingxuan heavy industry has constantly summarized and explored the previous experience, and organized and established a domestic high-end technology R & D team. From drawing drafting to assembly and processing, from parts selection to assembly and welding, from prototype output to intensive testing, from process monitoring to node acceptance, every process is carried out in every detail, and repeated tests and studies are carried out to ensure the high quality and high performance of products

focusing on the best-selling models in the market, yingxuan heavy industry mainly promotes 5-ton loaders on the basis of 3-ton, 5-ton and 6-ton loader series, and strives to feed back customers with more efficient products. For loaders, adaptability to harsh working conditions is particularly important. Yingxuan heavy industry has repeatedly optimized the product structure, but the fatigue testing machine is just the opposite test balance, and strictly controls each node. After the product was put on the market, it was once recognized by users. Among them, the 5-ton star product yx655 loader once set off a rush buying frenzy in the local market of Weifang

yingxuan people adhere to the enterprise spirit of "self-improvement and pursuit of excellence", strive for excellence in product R & D and manufacturing, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in business cooperation. With the original intention of serving customers wholeheartedly, ensure the perfect output of products, expand the market with more excellent quality and perfect after-sales service system, and launch the first shot of business development around the world

"love" high-end exhibitions to the world

yingxuan heavy industry knows that no matter how good the products are, it is useless to make cars behind closed doors. Strong presence in major construction machinery exhibitions is undoubtedly the best opportunity for brand promotion and learning development. The domestic high-end construction machinery exhibition naturally attracts the most attention from Bauma exhibition in Shanghai and BICES International Construction Machinery Exhibition in Beijing. Yingxuan heavy industry kept up with the times and took a firm step. It not only attacked quickly at the two major exhibitions, but also rushed out of Asia and into the world. Yingxuan heavy industry's perfect display at the Russian CTT exhibition undoubtedly strengthened its determination to enter the international market

Shanghai Bauma exhibition is the first appearance of yingxuan heavy industry since its birth. If this enterprise was still unknown before, this exhibition is the turning point of yingxuan heavy industry's popularity. As the saying goes: if you don't make a noise, you'll make a blockbuster. After two years of honing, yingxuan heavy industry made its debut with its amazing loader products, which instantly attracted the attention of industry insiders all over the world

Russia CTT exhibition is the second largest high-end exhibition attended by yingxuan. It is the starting point for yingxuan people to step into the world and actively expand international business. At this exhibition, yx636 and yx656 loaders once became the focus, and the negotiation area was full. Many Russian customers expressed their love for the appearance design of yingxuan heavy industry loader on the spot. "Your exhibition car is very beautiful. I like it very much." "It's amazing that your company has such a good loader in such a short time. I must visit your company when I go to China next month."

for the Beijing BICES exhibition, yingxuan heavy industry is making intensive preparations. It aims to introduce more perfect loader products to the world, and let more users know the brand and the brilliance of this new force

as a new force in the field of heavy industry, yingxuan heavy industry is like a trendsetter in the ocean of construction machinery, which is bound to set off huge waves and storms in this vast sea and attract attention

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