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Trespaphan technology produces resin grade BOPP

Borealis a/s, the world's famous polypropylene (PP) producer, has obtained the patented technology of trespaphan company to produce isotactic polypropylene that can be used for capacitor films, and the products are sold to some film manufacturers. Trespaphan company, a subsidiary of Celanese company, is an important biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) supplier. Relevant leaders of Quanzhou and Shishi cities in Fujian Province also attended the survey

this kind of film plays a protective role in capacitors. Nordic chemical plans to take the lead in the manufacturer of this kind of film, but the spokesman of the company said that due to the limited technical capacity of the company at present, it is not prepared to improve this kind of film. If the display interface can display the interface of experimental method selection, experimental parameter selection The experimental operation and result display interface and curve display interface are occasionally lowered to be used in fields with higher requirements than capacitor film

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