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Towards electrification, Citroen's new C1 or electric model

[car home] recently, foreign media reported that Citroen officially said that Peugeot Citroen Group and its small car partner Toyota had further discussions on the new generation of cooperative mini cars, and finally decided that the new generation (|) model might become an electric car

"the picture shows Citroen 2017 C1"

in fact, at the 2018 Paris auto show, Linda jcakson, CEO of Citroen, said like foreign media that the C1 model may change in the direction of electrification. At the same time, the development direction of Citroen urban vehicles depends on changes in urban traffic, which will be an important factor determining the future development of models of this level, And how we can provide people with this type of transportation that is easy to install and protect

"the picture shows Citroen 2017 C1"

Toyota chairman D fatigue refers to the material under repeated or alternating stress. Idier Leroy told the media during the Paris auto show that the second generation C1 was launched in 2014, so the two companies should jointly decide on the development plan of the third generation model in the next 12 months, and whether Toyota will participate in the production of the third generation C1 depends on whether the two sides can agree on the development direction of the car. At the same time, Leroy also said that Toyota and Citroen have a good cooperative relationship

Citroen C1 and Toyota aygo are both produced in Toyota Peugeot Citroen factory in the Czech Republic. According to Toyota, this model of aygo is very important to Toyota, and the company will continue to develop this model. The customer base of aygo is very young, which is very beneficial to the development of Toyota. According to the data of market research organization jato3 and fast cooling dynamics, in the first half of this year, Toyota sold 50847 aygo in Europe, making it the successor to Fiat 500, Fiat panda and Volkswagen up! Then the fourth best-selling mini car. For more information about C1 electric version, we will continue to pay attention to it. (source: compiled by Automotive News Europe/Liu Liwei of auto home)

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