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The three convergence pilot program was approved

yesterday (June 7) afternoon, the market heard that the three convergence pilot program had been approved on the morning of June 6

yesterday, Bao ran, editor in chief of China Digital TV, said in an interview with the daily economy that on June 6, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang of the State Council presided over the meeting of the national three integration coordination group. The specific trial electrical system: point scheme will be announced at the government station in the next few days. Radio and television will still be responsible for the construction and management of IPTV integrated broadcast and control platform. Before the 18th, all provinces and cities will independently submit pilot applications, and the implementation will be approved on the 25th

the pilot city is undetermined

according to Bao ran, after five rounds of game, the pilot scheme is beneficial to radio and television, which makes it clear that radio and television is responsible for the construction and management of IPTV integrated broadcast control platform, including EPG billing management, complete Internet access through cable, data transmission and IP services

according to people familiar with the matter, SARFT still holds the dominant power of content, and its subordinate units have the right to carry out wired Internet IP and other businesses. The Ministry of industry and information technology will hold a meeting of department and bureau level leaders on June 8 to discuss and deploy relevant implementation details

in fact, in the stalemate between the two competent ministries, the three integration pilot program has been experiencing difficulties. According to the daily economy, in the final pilot program, the Ministry of industry and information technology will no longer set obstacles for radio and television to enter telecommunications related businesses; The Ministry of industry and information technology has also made concessions on the content integrated broadcast control platform that telecom attaches great importance to, and the control of content integrated broadcast is still controlled by the radio and Television Institute

although the three integration pilot scheme has been adopted, the list of corresponding pilot cities has not been finalized. "The pilot cities reported before were all false." Bao ran said that cities with three integration pilot conditions in all regions need to submit pilot applications before the 18th, waiting for the screening and approval of relevant departments

it is understood that the State Council has put forward several requirements for the pilot areas, including the completion of two-way cable transformation in the region, a certain scale of cable users, and strong consumption capacity in the pilot areas. Another analysis report pointed out that Beijing and Changsha are expected to become pilot cities for the three integration

who benefits from the three integration

an industry personage who did not want to be named said in an interview with the daily economy that the telecommunications and radio and television industries have lost their initial enthusiasm for the three integration

the person said that for Telecom, the production right of content itself is open, and whether there are three integration telecom enterprises can participate in it; And the power of Internet video is almost open to the society. Hundreds of enterprises have obtained the right to operate. In fact, these enterprises' profits from the market are extremely limited. Even if telecom operators obtain the right to operate, it is difficult to take it as an important profit growth point; IPTV and TV are also of real commercial value. According to the conditions of radio and television, telecom only obtains the transmission right and distribution right with the thinnest profit but the largest investment. Moreover, the content and users are all about how Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. chooses the computer pull machine. The technical guidance and experience of using the machine given to customers based on the principle of manufacturer's production and after-sales require radio and television enterprises to master, Telecommunication enterprises basically have no possibility of making profits

the above people pointed out that one of the biggest differences between the radio and television sector and the telecommunications sector is that the radio and television sector is not assessed by economic indicators, and strengthening management is more important to the radio and television industry than market economic benefits

the person pointed out that it can be predicted that the first few years of domestic three integration may not be the vigorous development of new industries, but a "feast" for all parties to share the existing telecommunications market. After the profits of the telecommunications market are greatly diluted, it will gradually return to calm. Whether the growth can continue depends on whether the existing market of radio and television can introduce competition, even if it is only internal competition

Zhang Yanxiang, CEO of streaming media, pointed out that it is difficult to fully open the traditional business of radio and television. After the three integration, radio and television is likely to take out its newly obtained telecommunications business qualifications to carry out foreign cooperation. However, the radio and television industry itself lacks market operation ability, so the ultimate benefit may be the local forces and private capital that take this opportunity to enter the telecommunications market

"local forces and private capital do see huge business opportunities from the three integration, which will be the real participants of the three integration in the future. Such overmolded preforms (pictures from eelcee company) can be seen on the open door frame." Zhang Yanxiang said. Daily economy

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