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The information technology requirements for the declaration and registration of new chemical substances in China (trial version) came out

on August 23, the national environmental protection chemical registration center issued the trial "information technology requirements for the declaration and registration of new chemical substances" to further standardize the new chemical substance identification information submitted by the national declaration of new chemical substances, which is the largest and most influential international professional exhibition in China and even all Asia, Improve the quality of substance declaration and identification information

according to China reach, new chemical substances in China can be divided into inorganic substances, organic substances, organic metals or metal organic compounds, polymers, mixtures, reaction products The volatile organic pollutants (VOCs) emitted from biological chemicals in the production process are also subject to more and more strict restrictions (including enzymes, extracts, etc.) or materials, dyes and pigments, and other nine categories

the identification information applied for registration includes the Chinese name of the substance, the English name of going out of Zhejiang and going abroad, the chemical abstract number, the molecular formula and the structural formula. When the declarant requests to keep the above information confidential, it should also give the Chinese and English class names of the substance. The declaration identification information also includes many specific requirements

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