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Application of delta mechanical and electrical products in automatic filling and sealing machine

I. Introduction

this model is widely applicable to the filling and sealing of products packaged with hoses in cosmetics, toothpaste, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Features of this model: it has the functions of automatic pipe feeding, positioning, no pipe filling and automatic pipe outlet. This model (gf100) has significantly improved the efficiency of the filling and sealing machine compared with the user's original gf80 model. Compared with domestic manufacturers in the same industry to meet the growing demand in the future, the product is in a leading position and enjoys a high reputation in the world

II. System composition

this machine adopts dop-a57bstd+14ss+16sp+vfd022m+dtc1000r*1+dtc2000r*5

the following is the description of this machine:

III. this machine is mainly composed of the following parts

hopper, upper pipe, color code, filling, sealing heating and blanking

(1) the hopper part mainly controls feeding, mixing and raw material insulation

feeding: when the feeding switch 1.the Experimental force: 2kg-20kg after opening, PLC will add filling materials in real time according to the liquid level signal, and it will automatically close after meeting the requirements

mixing: the raw materials in the hopper must be fully mixed to ensure the uniformity and quality of filling raw materials

raw material insulation: the filling raw material must be kept at a constant temperature. If the temperature is high, the raw material is easy to react and deteriorate, and if the temperature is low, it is easy to agglomerate. In this part, the DTC series temperature control meter of delta is used to strictly control the raw material temperature

(2) the upper pipe part is mainly controlled by two upper pipe valves. Two upper pipe actuators

upper pipe: the two upper pipes are freely selected by the user whether to open. Under the condition of opening, the materials printed out by the control part are basically single tone, and the upper pipe action will be automatically performed according to the signal of the signal panel

(3) the color code part is mainly composed of two color code motors and two color code optoelectronics

the action of the color code motor is mainly related to the signal panel (when there is a signal, the whole ring does not move), and whether there is a tube at the current benchmarking position (whether the whole conveyor belt moves two stations at a time, and whether each processing station mainly detects and transmits photoelectric detection based on two tube signals, and the specific processing procedure is shown in Figure 1 below), and then carries out automatic benchmarking according to the color code photoelectric

figure 1

(4) the filling part mainly controls the two filling heads

the action of the filling head mainly has a signal with the signal panel (the whole ring does not move when there is a signal), and whether there is a pipe in the current filling position. If there is a pipe, open the filling valve to perform the filling action, if not, close the filling valve to do not perform the filling action

(5) the sealing heating part is mainly composed of four sealing heating heads

the four sealing heating heads of the sealing heating part are mainly used for post-treatment after filling, that is, each product has to go through two times of hot stamping and tail trimming. The four sealing heating parts also have higher requirements for temperature, and low temperature may lead to failure of a-box surface classification coefficient; The sealing or sealing is not dense, and the high temperature may deform the tail of the product, affecting the appearance of the product. The four heating heads use delta DTC to accurately control their temperature, and the tail of the product is sealed tightly and beautifully

(6) if there is material in the blanking part, it will be ejected automatically

IV. system architecture

the above figure is the network architecture of the system

(1) temperature control part

the overall integration of the whole system is completed by the HMI of delta dopa57bstd. The special feature of this machine is that the adjustment work of 6 temperature controllers can be completed quickly and simply through the intuitive, friendly, convenient and fast adjustment screen of HMI, which is very convenient for the adjustment personnel. It has considerable advantages compared with the traditional temperature control meter. The following is the screen of configuring the temperature control meter in HMI:

in this screen, we can clearly see that the debugging of the temperature control meter is quite convenient, and the control mode of temperature control can be arbitrarily selected in the 1 # sign box in the figure; 2 # the flag box is used for the self-tuning of P, I and D parameters when selecting PID control mode. The P, I and D self-tuning function of DTC greatly saves debugging time and greatly reduces the technical requirements for debugging personnel; 3 # the type of sensor can be freely selected in the sign box, even if different types of sensors are selected when the end-user's sensor is damaged; 4 # the sign box can be corrected by this parameter when the sensor has drift error and line loss, which fully reflects that DTC has strong adaptability to the actual environment of the industrial site. The other five temperature controls are similar and will not be described here

(2) PLC part

plc is the core of the whole control system. It processes signals and data, and its performance determines the quality of the whole system. The system adopts Delta 14ss, which has powerful logic processing and data processing capabilities and rich peripheral instruction sets. A model with high cost performance

(3) operation interface

man machine interface is used for parameter input and control command sending. Dop-a57bstd is selected in the system. The high-speed processing capacity of its CPU can realize/offline simulation, and give users a really friendly and programmable input interface

the man-machine can adjust the equipment speed (that is, adjust the host speed of frequency conversion control), the current output temperature display and setting, time display and other functions. It can realize manual adjustment and automatic work (including tube loading, color coding, filling, tail sealing, automatic blanking, etc.)

(4) host variable frequency speed regulation

the host adopts low-noise Mini M-series frequency converter, which is highly dependent on the efficiency improvement of the whole machine. This series has the advantages of convenient, intuitive, stable and reliable speed regulation. Users can freely adjust the running speed of the whole machine according to the requirements of the supporting machine

v. conclusion

delta electromechanical products integrate solutions on the filling and sealing machinery, which greatly improves the image of Delta Electromechanical Products in the eyes of users and greatly enhances users' trust and confidence in delta products. In fact, the key to grasp customers is to provide customers with complete solutions, solve practical problems for customers, constantly meet customers' needs and continue to improve, so as to make customers become loyal customers for a long time. (end)

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