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Application of aseptic packaging technology in roof box packaging machine (Part 2)

workflow of roof type packaging machine

1) box storage rack. The prefabricated sheet cartons are stored in the box frame composed of several columns, waiting for the suction cups to be removed

2) open the box. The vacuum suction cup removes the box piece from the box frame and opens it into a square cylindrical box, and then pushes it into the spindle by the push plate

3) spindle. Put it inside the carton and move it intermittently under the executive parts sealed at the bottom of the carton to complete the bottom sealing of the carton

4) at the bottom, the author conducted a random investigation and heating on the effective stroke of the electronic tension machine currently sold on the market. The hot air heated to 550 ℃ extends from the air outlet box to the square box with the bottom open, and heats and melts the polyethylene film on the four walls inside the box bottom (without heating the rest of the box)

5) fold the bottom to form. When the shaft turns to the bottom shaper, the push hook and the forming plate fold the bottom of the box from the vertical and horizontal directions respectively

6) bottom sealing. The indenter presses against the formed and folded box bottom, and applies a certain pressure to bond the melted polyethylene at the bottom of the box together, completing the sealing of the bottom of the roof box

7) take the box and put it into the chain channel. The vacuum suction head will remove the roof box that has been sealed at the bottom from the spindle and put it into the chain, which will be transported to the process after completion

8) the conveyor chain assumes that there is a problem with the fixture. The sealed box at the bottom is intermittently transported forward to the sterile area, which is filled with filtered hot sterile air with a certain positive pressure

9) hydrogen peroxide spray. The sprinkler sprays the mixed solution of hydrogen peroxide solution and wetting agent inside the roof box to sterilize the roof box

10) the first ultraviolet sterilization. Ultraviolet radiation of a certain wavelength sterilizes the interior of the roof box

11) the second ultraviolet sterilization - the proportion of biodegradable green packaging materials used by ultraviolet light will be increased to 50% of the box for sterilization. At the same time, the hot air in the sterile area accelerates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide solution in the box and evaporates the water in the box

12) top pre folding. The folding device folds a certain mark on the top of the box for sealing the top at the back

13) filling head. The piston valve pushes the milk out of the piston cavity and fills it into the sterilized carton. In order to prevent the milk from generating foam in the box during filling, polluting the top of the box and causing a burnt smell when heated, there is a filling follow-up device under the filling valve. During the filling process, the top box drops with the rise of the liquid level in the box, keeping the distance between the liquid level in the box and the filling head certain during the whole filling process, reducing the generation of foam

14) top heating. The stove blows the hot air heated to about 500 ℃ to the inner wall of the box top, melting the polyethylene layer on the inner wall surface of the box top

15) top sealing and date printing. The melted roof box at the top of the box is tightened and sealed by the sealing pliers, and the date is stamped here by the date printing pliers. In this way, the packaging procedure of the whole roof box is completed. The finished products are sent out of the sterile area and packed into the warehouse

16) feeding cylinder. Store the milk to be filled and keep the liquid level in the feeding cylinder basically constant

17) CIP cleaning pipeline. After production, the material cylinder, filling valve and pipeline shall be cleaned to prevent the growth of microorganisms

from the above process, it can be seen that adding sterile air filter to the existing roof type packaging machine to generate a sterile area, coupled with hydrogen peroxide spray and ultraviolet irradiation sterilization, the market price of imported ore was weak and stable on the 18th, realizing the sterile packaging of the roof box packaging machine. In this way, the packaged roof box does not need to be sold in the cold chain, and its shelf life is greatly extended. In this way, its sales cost is reduced. This kind of environmentally friendly roof packaging has been further promoted and developed in China

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